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The 2018 Voodoo Balanced BBCOR bat is for players who like the sound and feel of alloy bats, but want a stick that swings a little bit lighter. It's the most versatile bat in the DeMarini BBCOR lineup, with a huge variety of sizes for players who like the feel of one of the all-time most popular bats. 

DeMarini's insane dedication to performance has driven them to build the best lineup of Voodoo bats to date, with a 2018 lineup tailored toward every type of elite hitter. The two-piece X14 Alloy™ construction helps precisely distribute weight in the bats for different swing weights in the lineup, while the 3Fusion™ system provides perfect control and optimal feel. 

X14& Alloy™
More precise weight distribution for mad pop and more options - balanced, endloaded and one-piece.

3Fusion™ Handle
New streamlined design allows for greater weight control and feel.

3Fusion™ Endcap
Optimizes bat weight control and performance.

Bat Specifications
Drop: -3 adult bat
Barrel: 2 5/8"
Certified: BBCOR
Swing Weight: Balanced
Material: Alloy
Construction: Two-piece
Warranty: One Year Manufacturer's Warranty