Vandal (-3) 2020

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Pairing its aluminum barrel with a carbon composite end to maximize exit speeds through the zone, the 2020 Victus® Vandal BBCOR Bat delivers an innovative hybrid design to the plate this season to truly steal the show. The Vandal also combines a ringless barrel made of multi-variable wall thickness, which provides a more flexible sweet spot to strike the ball with consistent impact.

  • One-Piece Aluminum Hybrid: Build with a carbon composite barrel-end, taking excess weight from the distal end for an extended sweet spot
  • Ringless Barrel: Made of multi-variable wall thickness, creating a thinner, more flexible sweet spot
  • Ultra-Balanced Design: Features a lower Moment of Inertia for faster speeds when entering the exiting the zone
  • Micro-Perforated Touch Grip: Offers extra tack to improve feel and control
  • Pro-Tapered Handle Shape: Provide more top-hand control and an ergonomic fit
  • NOTICE: We recommend that you receive approval from your local league before removing the wrapper from your bat.
  • Brand : Victus
  • Style : VCBV